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Aidan’s student volunteering blog

When I first started volunteering at the Cancer Relief Centre in Gibraltar I had no previous experience in volunteer work. Despite this, on my first day of volunteering, I was given a warm and welcoming introduction to staff and the facilities Cancer Relief provides. I was surprised to be informed that not only does Cancer Relief help facilitate those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer, but also the loved ones who are affected by this. 

Support within Cancer Relief is facilitated in many ways such as the day support group, holistic therapies and a beauty pampering service. These helpful services provide support for different enquiries patients might have in order to make sure that these patients feel supported no matter what issues they may have. 

During my experience at Cancer Relief, I was introduced to people from all different walks of life. Meeting these people has helped broaden my perspective on charities as everyone seems to be working in unison towards the same goal; to provide the best support for patients in need. 

All in all, I recommend those who are diagnosed with cancer or know someone who is suffering from cancer to come and enjoy the Cancer Relief experience, or even volunteer as all the staff are very friendly.