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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During breast cancer awareness month we’ve focused on being breast aware, knowing what’s normal for us so we are able to notice any changes.  We’ve mentioned signs & symptoms of breast cancer advised people to report concerns to their GP & explained the importance of attending for breast screening.  

In Gibraltar we are lucky to have an excellent team of breast specialists to help diagnose and treat breast cancer; from radiologists, surgeons, oncologists & specialist nurses as well as wonderful breast cancer support groups who provide peer support, raise awareness & raise money to support this work. 

Here at Cancer Relief, we aim to complement this excellent care & can give people additional opportunities to help them with making decisions about treatment, manage treatment-related side effects – both immediate & long-lasting – explore & support difficult emotions that they or their families may have.  Sometimes people just need to be able to stop & take a breath.   

We know that the months following surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy can be challenging as people (both the individual diagnosed and their family) adjust to their new norm, find their feet & often begin to process the enormity of what has happened. There can be an expectation from the individual, friends, family & employers that all will now go back to how it was & if this is not the case people often report feelings of frustration, impatience, disappointment & loss of confidence.  Of course, everyone’s experience is unique which is why it’s important for us to be able to offer different strategies & interventions to maximise people ability for self-care & recovery. A personalised, specialised approach to support. 

If breast cancer returns or is not curable the approach of our HOS team is the same – a personalised plan of support to maximise wellness & wellbeing, again using different strategies to manage symptoms caused by treatment or disease as well as offering support to family members. 

In addition to nursing support, we are lucky enough to have access to counselling, complementary therapy & personal training to name a few & to be able to provide them with a lovely, tranquil environment.  If you or your loved one has been affected by breast cancer, or cancer in any way, call us on 20042392 or email info@cancerrelief.gi, we are here to help. For more information on ways we can support you, visit our website, www.cancerrelief.gi