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Cancer Relief 40th Anniversary works with Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau 

Cancer Relief Gibraltar was thrilled to announce that, as part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, we collaborated with the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau to create an exclusive presentation pack commemorating our four decades of providing support and care for those affected by cancer in Gibraltar. 

The product showcases Cancer Relief’s new rebranded logo as part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations alongside a beautiful stamp of the Rock of Gibraltar, which was first issued in 2015. This unique presentation pack tells the inspiring story of the charity since its formation in 1983 until the present day. The front of the pack also showcases our exclusive 40th Anniversary commemorative logo, which will be used by the charity during the year as part of the anniversary celebrations.  

Cancer Relief StampsThe Cancer Relief pack was presented to the charity by Minister Daryanani, Minister for Postal Services, for its sole use in written correspondence and PR needs. Packs are not available for sale however should you wish to get your hands on one of these exclusive beautiful commemorative products you can do so through donation to the charity. Contact us for further information.   

Minister Daryanani said: “I am absolutely delighted to play my part in celebrating the 40th anniversary of Cancer Relief Gibraltar. The charity plays a crucial role in helping and supporting people and their families who are living with cancer. It is extremely hard to live with this illness and Cancer Relief Gibraltar provides that emotional touch, amongst other assistance, that is so badly needed during this difficult time. I truly congratulate them for the excellent work they do in our community.” Cancer Relief Gibraltar has been providing support and care for those affected by cancer in Gibraltar for 40 years. This exclusive product serves as a symbol of the charity’s commitment to its mission of improving the lives of those affected by cancer.  The charity wishes to express its gratitude to Minister Daryanani and Aaron Enriles from the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau for their support in helping to create this remarkable product. It really is a beautiful way of celebrating the charity’s 40-year period of serving the community of Gibraltar.