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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We want to remind everyone that the team at Cancer Relief, whilst not specialists in childhood cancer, can certainly offer holistic support to families coping with what can be a particularly challenging & demanding time.

Parents & siblings may find it difficult to see their child, brother or sister cope with treatment side effects & making sense of the situation.  Families often have to access treatment in the UK away from their extended support networks & at a time when young people should be focusing on school, play and socializing they may have to deal with medication, operations and time away from their usual routines & activities.

While there is no way to make any of this better or less of a blow to your family, we can offer support to help ease the burden just a little. Our talk therapies can provide professional, experienced, caring contact if you just want to talk, our counsellors are available if you are struggling, and we can offer special support such as Expression Through Art to all members of the family. Plus, don’t forget our complementary therapies are all on offer for you too. We believe in caring for loved ones as well as those affected by cancer because we see first-hand just how important you are on this journey.  Let us be there for you.  If you are affected in anyway by childhood cancer, speak to us on 20042392 or email info@cancerrelief.gi to learn more about the many ways we can support you.