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Fundraising & holiday festivities

November and December are busy months for everyone, with the promise of Christmas and holiday festivities around the corner and all the preparations that come with them. Following a very different Christmas 2020, the team at Cancer Relief are excited and eager to start planning  Christmas festivities and fundraising which will still respect the current guidelines and recommendations for everyone’s safety. The question, therefore, is just what will we be up to? Here is a rundown of everything we are preparing and looking forward to in the next 6 weeks!

  • Cancer Relief Christmas raffle – The final prizes are being sourced, the tickets are being printed and we will be starting to sell tickets for our popular Christmas raffle in the coming weeks. If you would like tickets or want to help us sell some, contact the team on fundraising@cancerrelief.gi.
  • Thursday 25th November – The Convent Christmas Fair is back, and we couldn’t be more delighted to be taking part! It is one of our favourite days of the year, when we can share the excitement of Christmas and shopping with the community, as well as catch up with old and new faces and enjoy some delicious treats (this team member has a particular weakness for the Welsh cakes made by the multi-tasking Eleri who is also a Cancer Relief volunteer!) We hope to see you all there and tempt you with some of the goodies we will be selling for stocking fillers, decorations or simply to treat yourself. 
  • 2nd-9th December – Memory lights event. Our first memory lights event, in honour of Grief Awareness Week, went virtual last year and proved to be very popular. This year, we had hoped to hold a live event but it looks as though we will be preparing a bigger and better virtual event again. Watch this space for more information soon….
  • Centre Christmas party – This year, the annual Centre Christmas party will be held on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th December, and will be much smaller celebrations to protect our patients, staff and volunteers. We will be celebrating with limited attendance meals but will be sharing photos and videos of the days. We wish we could hold our usual party to thank you all for your support and engagement with Cancer Relief in 2021 but will content ourselves with virtual thanks again this year. 

All this, along with our day to day tasks of providing our services and supporting hundreds of individuals affected by cancer should keep us busy into the Christmas period. Plans are already being formed for 2022, which will be the 40th anniversary of the charity and therefore promises to be a very exciting year! 

If you would like to get involved in Cancer Relief’s upcoming plans in any way – by taking part, donating, volunteering or providing a service, simply call us on 20042392 or email fundraising@cancerrelief.gi, we are always happy to hear from you.