Portrait of Christine

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Christine Gill – Breast Care Nurse Specialist

Christine began her nursing career in Surgical, Gynaecological and Intensive Care nursing and as a Clinical Research Nurse for a well-known pharmaceutical Company.

When she first moved to Gibraltar, Christine worked as a Community Nurse on the Costa del Sol, caring for people with cancer in their own home. In 1998 she joined The Gibraltar Society for Cancer Relief as a Hospice at Home Nurse. Christine enjoyed the job immensely, her role as a cancer nurse was evolving, and so with the support and encouragement of her family and the society she completed further academic studies and obtained qualifications in Palliative and Breast Cancer Care nursing.

In 2008 Christine took up her current role as the Breast Care Clinical Nurse Specialist with the Gibraltar Health Authority. The main focus of her job is to support patients diagnosed with breast cancer. This involves the holistic assessment of patient needs, providing appropriate information and co-ordinating their care. However as this is a new role in the Gibraltar Health Authority the role has developed to meet many other aspects of patient care including Lymphoedema Care, Oncology Nursing Care and Bra and Breast fitting following breast surgery.

Christine feels privileged to be an active member of a local cancer charity, her work experience with Cancer patients empowers Christine to share her experiences with the society and help advocate on behalf of the patients for improvements in cancer care in Gibraltar.


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