Hazel De Soto Family Donation

Hazel De Soto Donation

In this month’s blog, we hear from Stephanie De Soto, whose mum Hazel, was supported by Cancer Relief. Hazel wanted to give something back to the charity, a wish that her family and friends committed to fulfill after her death early in 2020.

Here is Stephanie’s story of their year of fundraising: “The family and friends of the late Hazel De Soto (née Gomez) fulfilled Hazel’s wishes of raising as much money as possible in the last year for Cancer Relief Gibraltar, a charity very close to Hazel’s heart. Even with the global pandemic of Covid-19, Hazel’s family and friends continued to raise as much as we could. This, however, has taken longer than the 12 months we set ourselves to do this. Prior to Covid-19, the family saved all the earnings made at the last Rotary car boot sale held in Morrisons; this was the start of the donations. In June 2020, the family set themselves a challenge of walking the 5K per day challenge.

The response to this was very overwhelming as many family and friends joined in every night, always keeping to their respective bubbles adhering to the Covid restrictions imposed.  During this month, the family also supported Pink Day 💗 mostly at their workplaces – more donations were received by work colleagues. An overwhelming amount was raised doing this, and, due to the fact that it was Pink Day, we decided to allocate part of the funds raised by this to the Breast Cancer Society which was another charity that was close to Hazel’s heart. In December 2020, the family again within their own bubbles and wearing their face masks, braved the Polar Bear Swim on Boxing Day. Again, there was an overwhelming response to this event made by the family! We would like to thank every single person who gave donations to us. Words cannot describe what it meant to us to receive such a response from all of you.

We would like to specifically thank the Environmental Agency for their very kind donation and the person who donated anonymously last June, which was a very kind and unexpected gesture. Lastly & most importantly, we would like to thank Tyra Bisset, without whom, none of this would have been possible. She has been the person behind the scenes, pushing us all to fundraise and post to be able to collect as much as possible for the Cancer Relief Centre. Thank you, Aunty.

What you have done means more than you could ever know. 💗 We are all therefore pleased to say that the total funds raised has been a very generous £3300, which we know will be put to a very great use at Cancer Relief Gibraltar – this will help this marvellous charity continue to support families in need. Grief is a very hard thing to accept and overcome but with their amazing support this made it bearable and made us allow to accept the loss of our dear Hazel. Hazel you are forever in our hearts 💕 I love you Mum.”

Cancer Relief would like to add our own heartfelt thanks to this amazing group of people for continuing to fundraise throughout a very difficult year, your hard work is vital in allowing us to continue working to support others #CancerReliefGib #WeHavetheBestSupporters.