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LWABC 2018 so far in 2018!

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Our Living With and Beyond Cancer girls group has been having a great time of it so far in 2018. We have already clocked up a tour of the WW2 tunnels, a tour of the Gibraltar University, and a teaching visit to the Alameda Gardens!  That’s not to mention a good amount of coffee and catch up sessions liberally sprinkled throughout the weeks! We aim to have a good mix of outings and activities for the group to enjoy but, due to major building works at the Centre, we have been lucky enough to enjoy a brilliant series of tours as the Centre has been out of bounds. Cancer Relief would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made these tours possible and given our LWABC ladies such and interesting and varied start to 2018.

More news to come soon on the LWABC men’s group, who held their first successful day out recently!

Both groups are run with the aim of helping individuals get back to a fulfilling and positive lifestyle after a cancer experience. We hope to provide the support and encouragement required for everyone to live well with and beyond cancer. If you feel you, or someone you know, would benefit from joining these open and friendly groups, please just call, email or Facebook the Centre and we will take it from there.