At the Cancer Relief Centre, we are always available for a chat or some advice but we still have our weekly timetable of events and services. Below you will find a typical week at the Centre, which may help you to gauge when you might be able to come up.


  • ‘Coffee and catch up’ mornings – Monday morning is for anybody affected by cancer in the past, past patients who like to keep up with friends, families and carers who want to keep in touch with those in similar situations or just to have a good old catch up. Anybody and everybody is welcome, we enjoy having a good get-together.
  • On Monday mornings, we have Irene one third of our wonderful pampering team available to tend to your beauty and pampering requirements. Men are as welcome (and enjoy it as much) as women!
  • Aromatherapy appointments are available throughout the day.
  • Nurse clinics – Monday afternoons are also the day our nurses try to catch up with all service users at the Centre, ensuring everybody is continuing well into the week.


  • Thursdays are our second day support days. As above, the day starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm.
  • Aromatherapy appointments are available throughout the day.
  • Ali, the final third of our pampering team is available today for on-site beauty or pampering.
  • We have our second GP clinic in the afternoon. As above, appointments are made in advance.


  • Liz, our volunteer hairdresser will normally book to see Headsmart appointments today. Appointments are made by prior arrangement but can sometimes be arranged to suit treatment schedules.
  • If you have been referred to the Centre or want to call to book in some planned one-to-one time, today is normally the day we will aim to see you. We like to give new attendees some peace and quiet on first visits, making Tuesday the best day to make initial appointments.
  • Nurse clinics – our nurses are also available to meet with anyone who would like to see them at the Centre.
  • Breast care clinic – Christine Gill, the breast care nurse holds a clinic at the Centre every Tuesday. Appointments are made through Christine’s office at St Bernard’s hospital.


  • Fridays are the quietest day at the Centre, but one of the busiest as we get on with the everyday running and administrative work. Nevertheless, we are still only a phone call away and always available for a chat if you would like to come up.


  • Wednesdays are the first of our day support days. We invite attendees to arrive from 10am – we can arrange transport for those who cannot come up by themselves. Day support days are what you want to make of them. We do everything, from sitting in the quiet patio away from it all to having a quiet word with one of the nurses, volunteers or other attendees, to getting involved with any games, chats and activities. You fill the morning as you see fit, arriving or leaving whenever you feel comfortable with lunch normally served at 1pm. Day support normally comes to an end by 3pm.
  • Aromatherapy appointments are available throughout the day.
  • Jan Wink, our GHA physiotherapist holds a clinic during the morning.
  • Chiropody and OT appointments can be arranged for Wednesdays or Thursdays
  • Kate Skilton, our GHA dietician holds her weekly clinic at the Centre on Wednesday mornings.
  • Beatrix, the second third of our pampering team is available at the Centre all day for treatments that go beyond pampering. Holistic, organic and soothing, these deep clean facials help treat the side effects of treatments and allow both patients and carers some quiet ‘me’ time to recharge your batteries.
  • Wednesday afternoons are our GP clinic – if palliative patients need an appointment, these will usually be made on this day.

All our other services – equipment, counselling and specific requirements can be booked throughout the week. Give us a call to learn more.


There are exciting plans for the future which we hope will expand the services of the Centre and enhance overall care for cancer patients within the community. These include:

  • Hospice: We are actively working towards opening Gibraltar’s first four-bed hospice on the upper floor of the Cancer Relief Centre.

Other weekly services we hope to offer in the new year include:

  • Yoga: An aid to relaxation and a sense of well-being, offered by local yoga practitioners.
  • Relaxation: group sessions on relaxation techniques and mindfulness.
  • Carer support: evening group sessions to give carers an opportunity to meet, chat spend time with others in similar situations.