Volunteer hands


Do you have a skill that you think the Centre could benefit from? Are you willing to donate some of your time and effort to the Centre? If are unable to fit regular volunteering into your daily life, but would still like to support the Centre you might still be able to do so by donating your skills, either as a one-off or regularly, to help us maintain our services. Below are a list of plans the Centre has but are currently unable to fund as well as projects we would love to see come to fruition in the Centre. Can you help us with one of these? Or is there anything you think we might need or want that you can provide? Just let us know!


  • We would like to film some short videos around the Centre which we could add to our website to give people an idea of what the Centre is all about – can you help?
  • We would like to set up a little Cancer Relief shop area within the Centre with a display area and storage for all our beautiful merchandise – can you help?
  • We sometimes require help in shipping leaflets and information booklets from the UK to Gibraltar – can you help?
  • We would love to provide regular yoga and meditation classes – can you help?
  • We sometimes require assistance with translations – can you help?
  • We are in desperate need of our windows being thoroughly cleaned on the outside – can you help?
  • We would love to create hanging baskets outside the hospice rooms – can you help?
  • We would love to repaint the hospice rooms in preparation for opening – can you help?

If you think you could help us realise any of these plans or would like to suggest something we hadn’t thought of, please just call the Centre on 20042392 or email info@cancerrelief.gi or even pop up and see us, we would love to chat to you about it.

You will be helping to make the Centre a better place for those who need us…THANK YOU!