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Tranquillity Garden Update

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It all started so well….January saw all the major tree work completed very successfully, with James, Colin and Ian working hard to ensure our trees are in the best state possible. Unfortunately, it has gone slightly awry since then! As you might have noticed, the past couple of months have not had the best weather to work on a garden! The next stage of works has had to be postponed no less than FOUR times due to Storms Emma, Felix, Giselle and Hugo! Thankfully our contractors and our faithful MOD volunteers are even more keen than those fearsome foursome and are ready to jump into action at the first glimpse of good weather! Here’s hoping the weather will behave for the next few months so that our next update will have more positive news. For now though, we leave you with images of how clear the area is looking, the first signs of new life after a long winter and a glimpse of blue sky in the hopes that the weather gods will take the hint!