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A visit from Maureen Stansfield

Last month, we were delighted to receive a visit from Maureen Stansfield, now Maureen Kelly, one of the founders of Cancer Relief. For those of you who don’t know our history, back in 1982, Padre Geoffrey Hall organised a meeting between Lady Williams, Admiral Sir David Williams, Maureen and Lance Bromley (St Bernard’s Hospital Medical Director). These individuals were responsible for the creation of The Lady Williams Centre, whose purpose was to provide cancer care and relief. This remains our purpose to this day, although the charity has evolved extensively since those early days. It was an honour to welcome Maureen to the Centre again and show her not only how the charity has grown but how we have weathered the pandemic, adapting to a new normal to ensure our services are still available to all who need us. Daniela, our Hospice Outreach CNS Nursing Lead showed Maureen and her husband Roger around took the opportunity to take this lovely photo in our Tranquility Garden.  

 Maureen says: 

“It was lovely to visit and see how the Centre has grown over the past 30 plus years. Having been part of the team that set up the first Cancer Relief Centre in 1983 it was so wonderful to visit the current Centre when recently on holiday in Gibraltar. I last visited in 2018 and was so pleased to see it still going from strength to strength.
Daniela was brilliant at showing us around and we saw all the complimentary therapies and relaxation areas plus a support group enjoying the facilities. Most impressive to me were the nurses the Centre now has that help so many people in Gibraltar including with hospice care at home. It was good to see you had developed the garden since I was last there. It is such a restful peaceful area. All in all, I felt it was a dream come true. We started in such a small way 38 years ago with many wonderful volunteers and you have them today supporting your dedicated staff.
I applaud Grainne with her ability and her team who have carried on the vision and made it a reality. To see how the business world and friends of Gibraltar have supported this charity over the years is quite wonderful. Congratulations to every one of you. Long may it continue.” 

Thank you Maureen for your lovely words and for laying the foundations on which the charity has grown and thrived. We look forward to seeing you again soon!