Cancer Relief Partnership with Barzilai Foundation

We are thrilled to announce that Cancer Relief recently had the privilege to collaborate with the wonderful Barzilai Foundation on exciting new initiatives. These initiatives are about empowering people, so they were a perfect match for Barzilai Foundation to team up with as the Foundation is all about supporting positive changes that improve people’s quality of life. 

In April, they kindly expanded their Hardship Grant Program through a partnership with Cancer Relief, providing sponsorship to our financial assistance programme. This programme allows us to offer emergency support to individuals impacted by cancer who face urgent financial need.  

More recently, in May, they provided essential funding for our new physical therapy service, which will be led by physiotherapist Jan Wink.

Jan Wink
Jan Wink

Barzilai Foundation’s partnership means we can launch this wonderful new service with confidence and security. The service will work in collaboration with existing Gibraltar Health Authority’s physiotherapy services providing additional support for cancer patients. Focus will be on enhanced rehabilitation resources for patients during and emerging from treatment, as well as starting up an exciting new prehabilitation” service for people with a new diagnosis of cancer. This aspect of the service will aim to prepare patients physically, emotionally, and psychologically for the stressful journey of cancer care, with an end goal of improved health outcomes. 

Brandon Sosa, CEO of the Barzilai Foundation said, “Gráinne and the Cancer Relief team have a deep passion to expand cancer support in several significant ways,”. “Their willingness to go beyond the basics to meet the full needs of people impacted by a diagnosis is inspiring to me. This work will change lives for individuals dealing with something truly horrible that we have all been impacted by either directly or indirectly. I am grateful our foundation can help amplify their efforts.” 

The entire Cancer Relief team extends a heartfelt thank you to Barzilai Foundation for believing and investing in what we do as a charity, and more importantly for helping us deliver essential services and support for our community.