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Corporate Support

Aside from the obvious benefits that corporate support provides for charity, there are a surprising number of benefits for companies that choose to do so. Corporate charity fundraising can be an integral part of a company’s social responsibility, supporting and contributing to a vital cause, and significantly impacting on your employer brand. Furthermore, charity participation can have some real benefits within your business or company, such as team building opportunities, the opportunity to build and maintain a supportive culture, fantastic PR and extra training and development opportunities.

Whether you choose to hold an event in-house, sponsor one of our events or help us maintain our services, Cancer Relief is grateful for any and all support. Here are a few ideas on how you can start corporate fundraising / support to get you going:

  • Take one of our collection tins for your reception or till area. Every penny really does count and everything collected goes directly towards funding our services. 
  • Hold mini events at work, such as coffee mornings, raffles, sweepstakes or ‘Guess The -’ games and encourage all your colleagues to take part.
  • Hold an event to raise money for Cancer Relief. We have so many ideas and options to cater for every type of business or you may have come up with a brilliant idea of your own! We would love to hear about it and help make your plans a reality.
  • If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming event, we can discuss how best you can support us and how helping us can help you too! Sponsoring an event is a great way for your business or organisation to raise its profile and create awareness and new relationships within our community. We can provide the opportunity to reach a new audience and enhance your brand integrity by aligning yourself with our cause.
  • If the idea of helping the Centre move forward appeals to your business, Cancer Relief has a number of ways in which we can work together to make real changes. You might be interested in sponsoring the set-up of a new service, pay for a staff member to attend specific training or even fund a new post. We would be delighted to chat through all the options available and tailor sponsorship opportunities to your needs and budget, working closely with you to ensure the greatest benefit from our working relationship.
  • Does your company offer Corporate Give-Back Days? These are usually one or two days a year that employees can use to give back to a charity. Cancer Relief often have jobs or events that may need ad hoc support and you may find a fun and worthwhile way to spend you Give-Back day! Contact us to find out more about the projects we have coming up and how best you might be able to use your time.