April Events

Fundraising Events

  If you would like to organise your own event, we would be delighted to support & guide you through all the requirements you might need to consider, whether it is a small get together or a large scale event! Our dedicated Fundraising team are always available to help you, just give us a call on 20042392 or email fundraising@cancerrelief.gi.

Want to fundraise but don’t know where to start? Below are a few pointers to get you moving in the right direction:

  • Download our Fundraising Registration form HERE
    While it may seem very official, this will help you choose the best options for your event and will keep us up to date with all events planned for Cancer Relief. Knowing about your event will help us give you the support you need to make your hard work as successful as possible!
  • Consider the type of event you would like to hold and when in the year it would be best to hold it. For example, it might be best not to hold outdoor exercise sports in summer. Aim to ensure your event will also not clash with similar events around the same time.
  • Consider venues for your event. Ensure all your requirements for amenities are met, for example alcohol licenses if you want to serve alcohol.
  • Make sure you obtain any required licenses for your event. If you are selling tickets in public, you will require licenses from the Convent. If you would like to erect an area, play music, sell food or merchandise, these will all require licenses from the necessary bodies. Don’t worry if it all seems overwhelming, we will be happy to guide you through the process!
  • Think about a simple budget for your event. You will need to decide and make clear whether expenditures will be taken from the money raised or funded personally.
  • Cancer Relief can provide banners, flags etc. for events and we are happy to provide support and a presence on the day if you give us enough notice. 
  • Decide on how you will accept donations or registration fees for your event. We recommend getting your event set up online. Cancer Relief has a Just Giving page which has seen many successful events! Just Giving pages are very easy to set up, secure and can receive donations from all over the world. Most importantly, they offer a clearly run campaign, so everyone knows what your total is and how you achieved it. Set up your page as soon as possible to get donations coming in as soon as you decide to fundraise.  Remember to personalise it with photos and updates to engage with your supporters and encourage people to keep donating. It will also help you keep track of your progress and inspire you to keep going! Don’t forget to keep your page open after your event is over for a little while as donations will often keep coming in. Keep everyone up to date with how the event went and encourage a final push in donations before a closing date. 
  • Get your friends and family to share and support your efforts. The more people know about your fundraising event, the better your total can be. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your page and your story. Remember to tag us in too!
    • Facebook – @CancerReliefGibraltar
    • Twitter – @CancerReliefGib
    • Instagram – cancerreliefgibraltar

Send us your images & videos
We love to share images and videos taken during fundraising events with our community!
If you consent to your images and/or videos being used by Cancer Relief then please send them to Fundraising@cancerrelief.gi

We will only share the images/and or videos on the Cancer Relief’s social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as the Centre’s Website www.cancerelief.gi – We will not share your images or videos with any third party without your explicit consent.
If you have any questions or at any time would like to withdraw your consent please contact our team on +350 200 42392 , fundraising@cancerrelief.gi.

If you would like to participate in any of our planned events, just give us a call and we can chat about all the options.