Hospice Outreach Service (HOS)


Our professional team of registered nurses and healthcare assistants, supported by a dedicated part-time doctor, can offer practical care and support to cancer patients with a terminal diagnosis, their families and carers. HOS care can help you to live as well as possible with your illness, aid you to remain at home as long as possible and should you choose, provide end of life care in your own home. Our HOS team work alongside GPs, Community Nursing teams, Specialist Palliative Care nurses and Health and Community Services complementing the care they also provide. Our specialist team can support you and visit you wherever you may be at the time, hospital, home or care home. Patients and carers receiving support from HOS are also able to access all the other services provided by the Centre. The HOS team are contactable 365 days a year and provide out of hours services.

What can we provide?
We provide specialist nursing care. We offer support, advice and assistance to carers. We maintain patients’ dignity and privacy. We aim to provide relief for patients’ troublesome symptoms. We provide, together with our doctor, the GP and Community Teams, appropriate care, which enables the patient to remain at, or be discharged, to home for end of life care. We offer respite care visits to enable carers to have some time to call their own.

How we work?
Patients can be referred to the service by their GP, Community Nurse, Specialist Palliative Care nurses, Hospital Consultants or other departments within the GHA. We will also accept self-referrals, however we would need to inform your care team that you have self-referred for HOS care. Patients remain under the care of their GP and Medical team. A member of the HOS team visits to assess the patient at home or in hospital, following liaison with the appropriate GHA teams involved in your care. Care is planned with the patient and carer/family and the appropriateness of it is regularly reviewed with you to ensure it suits your individual needs.

To contact the Cancer Relief HOS Team
You can email info@cancerrelief.gi or please telephone the Cancer Relief Centre on 20042392 and select option 1 on the automated menu.

Cancer Relief Hospice Outreach Team: Available daily until 11:30pm.
Call 20042392 for the details of the nurse-on-call mobile number

Cancer Relief Hospice Outreach Service on Viewpoint

In 2021, GBC’s Viewpoint followed our Hospice Outreach team to create a 2-part programme on our staff, services and goals for the future. You can watch these fantastic programmes here. Thank you to Jonathan and the team at GBC Viewpoint for such a fantastic showcase of our work.

Viewpoint – Episode 8 Part 1

Viewpoint – Episode 8 Part 2