Mentoring month – By Daniela Ayre 

This month is Mentoring Month, an opportunity to highlight the importance of mentoring for clinical staff.  Clinical mentorship is a system of practical training, support and consultation that fosters the ongoing professional development of mentees to deliver sustainable high-quality clinical care. Mentoring enables practitioners to develop their skills and knowledge by actively reflecting on their everyday practice using creative and innovative approaches to what may seem like difficult challenges or barriers. It is an important part of continued professional development, which is necessary to create competent, confident care providers. 

Good mentorship is crucial in healthcare, especially in our speciality, which is filled with the often -difficult issues of caring for those with serious illnesses and their families. Educational and emotional support, important components in the mentoring relationship, are critical for healthcare workers who need a cancer or hospice care nursing colleague to guide and coach them in caring for their patients and to advance in their profession of nursing.  

Cancer Relief recognises that it is extremely important for our staff to have the access to specialist mentors as they are caring for patients and families facing serious illnesses. This benefits not only staff but our service; supporting staff in their professional development, ensuring staff well-being and facilitating the process of sharing knowledge is essential. As such, we work closely with our twinned hospice, City Hospice in Wales, with whom we have developed a close working relationship and who provide regular mentoring sessions through clinical supervision and education and training. To be able to access their specialist knowledge, experience and guidance is invaluable to our staff, who have found the experience very beneficial, especially when facing the inevitable challenges of their roles. Through the mentor relationship, questions can be asked, and knowledge gaps reduced without fear of embarrassment or admission of weakness. This means that not only do our patients and their loved ones benefit from our staff’s knowledge and experience but from the wider care and support of the excellent, experienced staff at City Hospice as they guide our staff to learn and grow their skills. 

Terri Gazi
Terri Gazi

City hospice lead nurse, Terri Gazi says:

“As a mentor, I feel my role is not only to support but help someone reach their full potential.

I expect to have my brain picked and to gently push the person in the right direction. 

It should be a two-way process leading to job satisfaction.”




At Cancer Relief we feel privileged and proud to be able to work closely with City Hospice, developing our team to be the best they can be to be able to provide the best care possible to our community.  

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Daniela Ayre